Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

RPL is a formal assessment process designed to recognise your current skills and knowledge.

Our RPL assessment process will identify and assess what you already know and apply it to the training course or qualification that you want to complete.

Should you apply for RPL?

Our RPL assessment process may be able to provide credit for a Unit of Competency (Unit) in your Course if you can supply evidence that you have the skill and/or knowledge to meet the required outcomes for that Unit.

Successfully completing the RPL assessment could reduce the time you need to spend studying and/or the number of Units you need to formally undertake to complete your Course or qualification. This could in turn translate into a time and cost saving for you.

For example, if you have the required skills, knowledge and experience, we may be able to assess you as competent in some or all the Units in the Course or qualification, even if you have not completed any formal training for the Unit(s).

Please Note: RPL should not be seen as a faster or easier way to complete your Course or obtain a qualification. RPL is most appropriate if you have achieved or can demonstrate your competency via evidence of your work experience, other courses of study, or general life experience. Harcourts Academy will only award RPL if you can produce substantive evidence of competency.

What current skills and knowledge does RPL recognise?

Our RPL assessment process looks at:

  • Any experience you have in the areas covered by your Course
  • Any other professional experiences you gained throughout your working life; and
  • Any education or training you have completed.

We then apply this to the Units required to complete your chosen Course.

Your prior education can be formal (for example, diplomas or degrees from recognised educational institutions) or informal training (for example, attendance at continuing professional development (CPD) sessions, attendance at conferences or seminars, further skills or professional training or franchise training). In fact, any learning whatsoever can be recognised.

How does the RPL application process work?

You will need to enrol with the Academy before you can apply for RPL. Once you are enrolled, we can then send you our RPL Application Form.

Using our RPL Application Form, you will need to decide which Units you wish to apply for by RPL. You then need to collect the required evidence using the evidence checklists and submit this evidence to the Academy along with your completed and signed RPL Application Form.

The RPL assessment process will be quicker and more effective if you submit your RPL Application Form and ALL your evidence at the same time.

What is evidence?

Evidence for RPL will be examples of and show your education and life experiences.

Evidence could include qualifications from educational organisations, certificate of attendance at seminars or workshops, completed documents or samples of work from your workplace, workbooks from training courses, testimonials from clients or customers, employment contracts or reference from current employer.

How do we assess your skills & knowledge?

The Harcourts Academy assessor will assess your skills and knowledge. The assessor has the education, vocational qualifications and experience to conduct the RPL assessment for the real estate industry.

After we receive your RPL Application Form and the required documents, one of our qualified assessors will review your application and the evidence you supplied. Our assessor will contact you with the outcome of your application or, if we need to, arrange a formal interview with you to gather more information.

Interviewing you (if required)

Any interview we do with you during your RPL application process will be a supportive discussion. The purpose of the interview will be to confirm or clarify some or all your documents or information in your application. This interview can also assist you to gain the maximum results possible.

Results of your RPL application

On completion of the RPL assessment, you will recieve one of the following results for each Unit that you applied for RPL:

  • Competent (C) – you have been assessed as competent in the Unit. No further study is required
  • Not Yet Competent (NYC) – you will be required to complete the Unit. This does not mean that you have failed the Unit. It only means that you have to study the Unit as a part of your Course.

We will issue a Statement of Attainment for all Units for which competency has been achieved through the RPL Assessment process.

If you need to undertake additional Units to complete your qualification, we will discuss with you the available options to complete your qualification when finalising your RPL.

PLEASE NOTE: Further Training will attract an additional fee.

Further information

If you require further information about RPL or our application process, please email, call or visit:

+61 (7) 3839 3100

31 Amy Johnson Pl Eagle Farm

New South Wales/ACT
+61 (2) 9380 8665

Suite 1, Level 3, 189 Kent St Sydney

South Australia
+61 (8) 8410 4444

Level 2, 285 Wakefield St Adelaide

Western Australia
+61 (8) 9388 7700

125 Cambridge St West Leederville

+61 (3) 6337 9700

112-114 George St Launceston

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